Woodside Community Information


Woodside Elementary School District, which dates back to 1851, is one of the oldest districts within the area and serves students in pre-K-8. Woodside High School is its own separate entity, and is known for its wide variety of resources and activities including a strong Visual and Performing Arts Program, College and Career Center, and unusual array of clubs that are available to students. In addition, there are also three neighboring school districts that are available to Woodside Residents: Las Lomitas School District, Portola Valley School District and Redwood City School District. Woodside is also home to Canada College, which is located in Redwood City, a mere few miles away from Woodside.


Filoli is a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is one of the most exquisite estates of the 20th century. This stunning home is ideal for history and nature lovers, due to the historic content lining the grounds and the breathtaking gardens that surround it. The house itself is a living exhibit of 17th and 18th century antiques. Specific rooms of interest include the Butler's Pantry and Kitchen, as well as the 1925 Ernest Peixtoo paintings in the ballroom. Filoli on Film also plays an interesting exhibit for film buffs. Some popular garden highlights include The Courtyard, the Bonsai Collection, the Front Lawns, and the Olive Orchard. Filoli also holds a number of unique events throughout the year, including Afternoon Teas and art shows at the Filoli Gallery.

The Kings Mountain Art Fair is an annual art fair that is held every Labor Day weekend in Woodside. The Art Fair is run entirely by volunteers from the community, and celebrates over 40 years of art. Food vendors sit side by side by art booths, and Kiddie Hollow is a perfect arts and crafts stop for the little ones. In the past, various art exhibits have included everything from fantastic sculptures to fashion, glass and mixed media installations.

Parks and Recreation

The Woodside Pony Club, a division of the United States Pony Club, is a program that promotes and teaches riding, mounted sports and the care of horses. This unique program is run by and dependent on parent participation and volunteers, and offers lessons to students as young as six to adults 25 years of age. The Club also sponsors an annual horseshow held ever year in September.

Woodside is also home to a number of creeks that run from the Santa Cruz Mountains down to the San Francisco Bay. Some of these creeks include Appletree Gulch, Bear Gulch, Western Union Gulch, Alambique, and Corte Madera Creek. They all eventually connect to form San Francisquito Creek. San Francisquito Creek is home to a diverse array of endangered wildlife, as well as natural creek beds and vegetation. The creeks are a huge part of the community, as residents swim, splash and have picnics among their banks. They are also a very popular spot for hiking and bird watching. The creeks also provide for 50 percent of the town's drinking water.

Huddart Park is known for its forested slopes and steep cool canyons that serve as a stunning backdrop to have a picnic in. The park includes barbeque pits, hiking and riding trails, playgrounds and grassy meadows. Redwood trees also engulf the park, giving it a quintessential Northern California touch. The park also serves as a great spot for camping and day camps.

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